Alex & Nicole - Italy Destination Wedding

When Nicole & Alex asked us to join them on their destination wedding journey I don’t think we really knew what we were in for. From ancient Rome, historic Florence, and on to the scenic Cinque Terre region, we got the chance to follow a ridiculously unique, talented, and artistic couple on their adventure through Italy and into marriage. They asked us to document the travels through photographs but while on the trip we decided that the story needed motion too. Equipped with photography gear but not our regular set of video items we set out to make an epic film with just a pair of very steady hands. I think we accomplished that seeing as though Cat cries every time she watches it…

Our journey began through the ancient cobbles and piazzas of Rome, where Nikki & Alex’s artistic souls were inundated with the storied vistas of the Piazza Novona and Sistine Chapel. Alex’s parents happened to be on their own travel journey and met up with us to enjoy the history and pasta together! italywedding_0001 italywedding_0006 italywedding_0005 italywedding_0007 italywedding_0011 italywedding_0009 italywedding_0008 italywedding_0010 italywedding_0004 italywedding_0002 italywedding_0003 italywedding_0013 italywedding_0012 online online1 destinationwedding

Our trek toward the big day brought us next to the magnificent cliffs and small villas of the Amalfi Coast. Here, we took in the beaches and churches that punctuated the small, winding streets. The gorgeous views of the Mediterranean were well worth the stomach turning bus ride through the cliffs!

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A half-day on the rails through the Italian countryside introduced us to Tuscany and the heart of the Renaissance, Florence. Nikki was on the hunt for ribollita to fuel our climbs to the top of storied Duomo which was probably the craziest staircase any of us had ever seen.

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Our last day in Tuscany brought the four of us to the small town of Greve in Chianti, where we got to sample meats (and not to mention endless wine) from Dario Cecchini’s famous butcher shop. We rounded out our adventure with recommended masterclass in Tuscan wine by Stefano Savadori of the Accademia del Buon Gusto. No matter where Alex and Nikki go, they always let their talent, imagination, and artwork leave an impression on everyone they meet and Stefano’s wine cave was no exception. About 25 tastes of wine later our meat/wine coma faces became pretty apparent.

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For our most important stop we caught another train ride up the coast to Monterosso al Mare in the picturesque Cinque Terre region for the big day. Alex and Nikki Ray had a small, private ceremony during the twilight hours on a rocky beach where Mike (yep the one writing this) officiated. They exchanged vows and pledged their lives to each other, fulfilling their dream of an Italian marriage. Afterwards we partook in large plates of seafood, made friends with other American newlyweds over pitchers of negroni and played on the towns playground. We couldn’t imagine capturing a more beautiful and goofy ceremony which is the best descriptors for the Rays themselves, it was perfect and we are so happy for you guys…

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Congratulations, Alex and Nikki Ray!

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