Best Engagement Session Locations - Orlando

If you’ve found that you recently said “YES, OMG YES.” Your next step might be engagement photos! An engagement session is a pretty fun and romantic way to both show off your relationship’s personality and get used to being in front of a camera if you’re not already.

A common question is what do you do with engagement photos? You can use them for save the dates, a reception sign in book or just to memorialize this time in your life. Plus they look pretty rad on social media when you announce that you’re #engaged!

So if you’ve gotten this far and decided that heck yes you definitely want engagement pictures… it’s time to pick a location.

The following are some of my favorite suggestions with honest reasons on why their great and what to be ready for.

*Note: these are based for all my Floridian clients … I’ll make a separate post for all you Rocky Mountain brides out there 😉

Rollins College

Rollins college is a photographers haven. With a rose garden, vine wall, archways, Spanish tile, large antique wood doors and a lakefront it has all of the classy vibes. While it makes for an exceptional photo location it is still a college campus so while you’re there showing off your rock be sure to be respectful of all those paying to attend this beautiful place of knowledge.

Winter Garden

There is so much old charm to Winter Garden. The downtown area has an early to mid-1900s vibe to it a lot of times complete with antique cars or rustic trucks like the one pictured below. There’s an old theater, large barn doors and a fun brewery to complete the scene.

Downtown Orlando

Downtown Orlando is both an amazing and tough place to photograph so if you’re a city person this may be the place for you, just bring your patience. At Lake Eola you can get incredible skyline photos as well as pop into gems like the amphitheater or maybe take a swan paddleboat ride. And over by Dr. Phillips they have a fantastic open greenery strip that shows off the lights and glass of the surrounding buildings. The patience is mostly because with downtown comes it’s people. We may have to deal with homeless, hungover or even still drunk patrons of the city … not to mention the evil swans of Lake Eola LOL. 

Baldwin Park

I used to live in this neighborhood so I might be a slight biased on how much I like it, which is a lot. There’s a lot of hidden goodness here that even some residents don’t know about. Lakeside docks, rocky walkways, architectural fountains you can walk on, bridges, pleasantville looking rows of homes. It’s adorable and diverse! 

Disney Boardwalk

At one time we were annual pass holders of the Mickey Mouse club… Food and Wine Fest was our holy grail. So we frequented quite often and even more so the boardwalk, which does not require a pass. The boardwalk is 1950s charm at it’s best with colorful awnings, old photo booths, cute bakeries, a lighthouse and a “beach front”. It’s sweet and bright and free lol. The downside to the boardwalk, the sessions (at least for me) have to be done at sunrise. Once 8am hits the crowds take over and you might as well have scheduled your session at a mall. But that glorious hour or two before is like a playground you get all to yourself!

Side note – do not try to do a session at Disney Springs, it’ll be short lived.


Make It Personal

Outside of actual places… you can make it personal. Love movies? Love crossfit? Love donuts? Love running? Love dogs? Incorporate it! Show off who you guys are together and what makes you love each other.

Destination Engagement

This seems to be a new trend which I am NOT mad about! Go play somewhere else for your engagement session. Make a trip out of it to somewhere new or visit a place you both love again. We’ve done sessions in Chicago, New York, Colorado (of course) and Iceland and had requests for DC and South Carolina. It never hurts to ask … who knows where in the world we can end up!

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