Travel – Iceland

So that one time we went to the place that every photographer dreams about…. ICELAND!

We’re going to start this post with what we packed and what we learned right out the gate followed by all the fun imagery so if you want tips continue reading, if you just want pretty pictures and a bomb video, get your scroll on!

When booking a trip to Iceland we checked flight prices, weather and of course a place to stay. Flights are cheap cheap cheap… but that’s pretty much where that notion ends. There’s not a lot of hotels as you move out of the main cities so we looked into either a tour group or a camper van. The tour groups were about 3k-5k but they all mostly just hit the big tourist spots and we didn’t feel that was the way we wanted to do Iceland. So that left us with the camper van (which was admittedly my first choice anyway)! It was about $1500 through campervaniceland for our 8 day stay and we luckily ended up with what seemed like one of the only automatic transmission vans in all of the country. It had wifi, a fold out bed, cooking equipment and a little table and chairs… honestly adorable.

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Steven & Abigail – Iceland Photo Session

So this was one of those moments in life that I pinched myself daily to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. A few weeks before leaving for our trip to see my brother in Europe we get an email from Abigail & Steven asking about an Iceland photo shoot. They were having their one year anniversary and doing it in photographers paradise. Another photographer referred them our way and we were so beyond honored to be the pair booked to create their memories. I jumped up and down while I booked our campervan to wander black sand beaches and waterfalls with them. We picked a meet up spot at a campsite in a park and on the day of, nervously hugged in a parking lot. Thankfully we immediately hit it off. They are so down to earth and being photographers and videographers themselves out of Texas (you can find their work here) they were just as excited to play in the landscape as we were. Scroll below to see all the good stuff and stayed tuned for a post later this week with tips on traveling to and in Iceland!

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Sue Bryce Fashion Workshop

A Paris Chateau with Sue Bryce

Sue Bryce Paris  | French Chateau workshop

This day last year I was in France at day two of a Sue Bryce workshop. If you don’t know who she is, she’s one of the photography gods known around the world for her women’s portraiture. She grew an empire based on providing women the strength and knowledge that they deserve to be professionally photographed more than just twice in a lifetime (wedding/baby). To know they’re just as beautiful at 55 as they are at 25 and that taking a day for yourself to create a piece of your history is beyond words worth it.

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Adam & Lindsay – Chicago Engagement

Remember that one time last month I got to go to Chicago and shoot the cutest of cute couples? Meet Adam & Lindsay, they’re hilarious, smart and in the words of Derek Zoolander “ridiculous good looking.” We landed in chi town on by far one of the best weather weekends we could have asked for. Beautiful skies, high 70s, an ideal non-Florida day. They showed us around the city, regaled us with stories of their blue apron engagement and let us pet the pup while overlooking the city in their incredible apartment high rise view. Man I’m ready to go back already but in the meantime check out some of our fav photos…

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Nicole & Aaron – Black Mountain Lodge Wedding – Arapahoe Basin, CO

From sunny 70s to a blizzard that shut down the city 2 days before the big day, the adventure leading up to wedding day was a bit crazy. But for Nicole and Aaron when life hands you a mountain of snow, you strap on some boots and have a ridiculously beautiful wedding on it. A crew of their closest friends and family flew in from around the country and two by two took the ski lift up to their beautiful Black Mountain Lodge wedding. Nicole was draped in a stunning floor length white cape and as she walked down the aisle towards her forever prince the snow stopped and for the only time that day blue skies peeked behind the mountains as if God himself wanted front row seats. I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful moment but I know these two will continue to make them for the rest of their lives and I’m so excited I got to be there to see the start of their journey. 

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