Losing a Parent. As a Bride. As a Wedding Photographer

Disclaimer – this post will be personal, it won’t be chipper or filled with pictures and I will cuss… because some feelings deserve expletives.

With holidays looming those who have felt loss know that this time of year is a big shit storm of emotion and trying to navigate it can be daunting. Some unlucky few also know that things as joyful as wedding planning or being a photographer at times can also be super daunting when you’ve lost someone. As I meet more people who have been through it, going through, may soon go through it we immediately relate and our hearts connect. And I know there’s so many people in the world who may be in this boat and have no one to talk to or relate to, so I’m digging in to share what I’ve felt and what I’ve learned…

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Sibling Pilgrimage – Travel

So last week me and my brother went on a trip we’d been talking about for years… a heritage adventure. We’ve never been on a trip just with us and it seemed like the perfect time to finally make it happen!

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2015 Year In Review

Phew what a wild ride!!

In 2015 we photographed 36 weddings, 24 portrait sessions and over 100 dogs. We raised almost $1000 for shelter pet vet bills and donated over 200 hours of volunteer time. We launched our cinema division and Mike went full time at CLPC creating a true husband + wife team. I took the last photo of my mother I ever will. We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary and my 3-0. I got my 15 minutes of fame on the news. We traveled to Italy, Paris, Maryland and Colorado.. one of which we even fell in love with as our future place of residence. It’s amazing to think what started with one Orlando wedding photographer has grown to so much more!

Cheers to the past year and all the amazing clients, friends and vendors who took part in so many memories. We’ll kick off the walk down memory lane with some of our favorite cinema scenes of 2015…

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Alex & Nicole – Italy Destination Wedding

When Nicole & Alex asked us to join them on their destination wedding journey I don’t think we really knew what we were in for. From ancient Rome, historic Florence, and on to the scenic Cinque Terre region, we got the chance to follow a ridiculously unique, talented, and artistic couple on their adventure through Italy and into marriage. They asked us to document the travels through photographs but while on the trip we decided that the story needed motion too. Equipped with photography gear but not our regular set of video items we set out to make an epic film with just a pair of very steady hands. I think we accomplished that seeing as though Cat cries every time she watches it…

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Charitable dogs & my first 5 minutes of fame…

So a few weeks back I put a plan into motion to host the Charitable Dog Booth. It was the first time I decided to take on such an event and I was both scared and excited about how it would turn out. I planned and prepped, ordered all kinds of dog accessories and packed a basket of treats from my favorite dog store, Wolf Gang Bakery.

So I post it to the world and the first few dog parents sign up, but then something amazing happened. This absolutely incredible newsman Stewart Moore over at Wesh takes an interest in what’s going on and runs a piece on little ol me!! If only you knew how nervous I was for the 10 minutes I was in the studio! Thank goodness I was chatting with Mr. Moore, that at least made it WAY easier! I thankfully held it together and you can watch the clip below. PS, that glorious team I mention a few times is a collective of dog photographers and wranglers known as Pawsitive Shelter Photography and if you’re ever looking to adopt or donate time/talent make sure to check the link out!

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Travel: Honeymoon

We’re getting to travel again next week *yay summertime* and it seemed the perfect time to finally blog our honeymoon and tips for your own!

So let’s talk about choosing your destination…

No one ever seems to thinks about honeymoon weather when choosing a wedding date (myself included) but it definitely plays a factor. Pick a spring wedding date and you can take off to a lot of Northern hemisphere locales and expect great weather and spring foliage. Places like Europe, California, Japan & Alaska. Pick a fall wedding date and you can take off to some of the Southern hemisphere gems like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Fiji and Argentina. Some places are in perpetual summer so you could go year round but need to watch out for their rainy season and July which brings extreme heat. Places like Florida, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Morocco, Thailand and Indonesia.

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Mother’s Day

Yesterday was mother’s day and it was a special one for us. Our mother has been the center pillar of our family for as long as I can remember. Even our aunts regard her as the mother hen. Those who know her know she’s either smiling and telling dirty jokes or teaching you how to do your finances, possibly both at the same time. For me she’s always been a mentor and my best friend. We’ve never hated each other or gone through a rough patch where we didn’t talk, we’ve only been beyond blessed to have each other every day.

When my dad passed a few years ago there was a fog for a long time. But as that fog slowly lifted my mother, brother and I leaned on each other even more and our bond grew. It’s unfortunate that terrible things are sometimes what’s needed to really open up your eyes and push you to spend every day as if it’s the most important day. Now we push like that all the time, not only because of what we’ve been through but because of what we will still endure. Mom is in a fight against cancer. It is what it is but as the tears roll onto my keyboard I know at some point it’ll just be two of us and we’re not going to waste a second before or after that happens. We will bask in the sunshine that is our mother and make sure she knows just how loved she is! 

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WFB – Things to Discuss with your Wedding Photographer

Wow, I’ve been lady Lemus for 6 months now!!!! I can’t believe how the time flies. So now that things are back to normal life I believe it’s time to share some of the things I’ve learned from being a wedding photographer bride (wfb). This is the first installation of WPB but I’ll try to do tidbits for everything I have information on and if you have a specific topic you want discussed please leave it in the comments.

So of course, lets kick it off with wedding photography!

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New York New York

I’m a Florida girl. My dresser is packed with bathing suits and I’ve got grass stains on more than one pair of jeans.

Until recently I’d never been to New York. Never owned a real winter coat or a pair of gloves. Never even seen one of those unique little snowflakes. But last week that all changed when I got my first taste of the cold Christmasy big apple. I walked around with my favorite travel camera, the Canon G16. If you want a camera that’ll shoot in manual mode but that’s also pocket sized, that little guy is where it’s at.

My first day or two in New York felt like energetic claustrophobia. I wanted nothing but to run through an open field, this place was pretty much the opposite of my home. But in the midst of walking the streets I came to understand the love for this city. The hustle and bustle is a surface factor of an overflowing amount of culture. The amount of art, fashion and dialects that can be seen and heard on one street alone is pretty impressive. So the images below are a view point of a city opposite of mine in some of the best ways…

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