WFB – Things to Discuss with your Wedding Photographer

Wow, I’ve been lady Lemus for 6 months now!!!! I can’t believe how the time flies. So now that things are back to normal life I believe it’s time to share some of the things I’ve learned from being a wedding photographer bride (wfb). This is the first installation of WPB but I’ll try to do tidbits for everything I have information on and if you have a specific topic you want discussed please leave it in the comments.

So of course, lets kick it off with wedding photography!

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New York New York

I’m a Florida girl. My dresser is packed with bathing suits and I’ve got grass stains on more than one pair of jeans.

Until recently I’d never been to New York. Never owned a real winter coat or a pair of gloves. Never even seen one of those unique little snowflakes. But last week that all changed when I got my first taste of the cold Christmasy big apple. I walked around with my favorite travel camera, the Canon G16. If you want a camera that’ll shoot in manual mode but that’s also pocket sized, that little guy is where it’s at.

My first day or two in New York felt like energetic claustrophobia. I wanted nothing but to run through an open field, this place was pretty much the opposite of my home. But in the midst of walking the streets I came to understand the love for this city. The hustle and bustle is a surface factor of an overflowing amount of culture. The amount of art, fashion and dialects that can be seen and heard on one street alone is pretty impressive. So the images below are a view point of a city opposite of mine in some of the best ways…

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Wedding Wednesday – Engaged!

Today is the first edition of Wedding Wednesday which will be a weekly look at my wedding planning as an insider in the industry.

Since this is the first installation I’ll get you up to date in case you aren’t already…


My beau Mike popped the question on July 4th on the top of the Palms resort in Las Vegas. It was the first day of our vacation and we got all dressed up and splurged on an incredible meal at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. We were overlooking the city line as fireworks went off in far corners of the strip when he started telling me about how perfect life was together and how he always wants it to be like this. As he got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me” I burst into tears of joy, immediately, and hugged him, lots of hugging… and a minute later he added a gentle reminder…”Is that a yes?”. “YES!” And with that, our west coast vacation turned into an engagement honeymoon (engagementmoon).

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The Superhero Project

I don’t know when it happened. I don’t know why it happened. But it did.

For 5 months my spirit lingered in a darker place. I couldn’t seem to get truly excited or happy about anything. I could force myself to attend events and smile and nod but that’s all I could give. Photography however, quickly became my safe place …a meditation of sorts where my brain escaped and only focused on one thing, being in the present. I took my camera everywhere so that no one could see that my demeanor had shifted, but it was terribly obvious to those close to me no matter what I was using as a shield. I wasn’t thinking about it on a daily basis, but my father’s death was inevitably ever present.

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The Day the Music Died

Please be aware this is an extremely personal post. Writing always seems to be a bit of therapy….

On Sunday I went to my parents house to take pictures of my 3 year old cousin for Christmas cards. All the family was there. My dad was playing his Christmas music like every year and was getting ready to go watch his “Brownies” win a football game! We chatted for a minute about Kindles and tablets and how he wanted one with a webcam so he could skype with my little brother. It’s just like him to ask for a Christmas present with such a meaningful purpose. Since I was a little sick and he just finished getting over the flu we gave each other one of those side cheek kiss goodbye things, said I love you and he was out the door.

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