A Paris Chateau with Sue Bryce

This day last year I was in France at day two of a Sue Bryce workshop. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she’s one of the photography gods known around the world for her women’s portraiture. She grew an empire based on providing women the strength and knowledge that they deserve to be professionally photographed more than just twice in a lifetime (wedding/baby). To know they’re just as beautiful at 55 as they are at 25 and that taking a day for yourself to create a piece of your history is beyond words worth it.

I had never done a workshop before but in my head it was a pilgrimage. A trip to the last place I’d visited with my mom. We had left France short during her cancer battle and I needed to finish that journey. I could think of no better way than to re-write the end of that story with a french chateau of artists letting their hearts lead them. It felt almost Renaissance-esk. From Sue’s warm inviting smile to the styling throughout the entire estate, no moment or teaching opportunity was overlooked. I definitely laughed, I definitely grew as an artist, I petted Sue’s dog more than what is probably appropriate and I may or may not have teared up like a baby on the last day. Here’s a quick peek at what the experience looked like:   

2015 Year In Review

Phew what a wild ride!!

In 2015 we photographed 36 weddings, 24 portrait sessions and over 100 dogs. We raised almost $1000 for shelter pet vet bills and donated over 200 hours of volunteer time. We launched our cinema division and Mike went full time at CLPC creating a true husband + wife team. I took the last photo of my mother I ever will. We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary and my 3-0. I got my 15 minutes of fame on the news. We traveled to Italy, Paris, Maryland and Colorado.. one of which we even fell in love with as our future place of residence. It’s amazing to think what started with one Orlando wedding photographer has grown to so much more!

Cheers to the past year and all the amazing clients, friends and vendors who took part in so many memories. We’ll kick off the walk down memory lane with some of our favorite cinema scenes of 2015…

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Pinup, Plates & Pitbulls

So once upon a time Jade & Tiffany, two badass ladies from Armor Crossfit got the crazy idea to do a pin up style shoot. My love of all things from the 50s era made me practically pee my pants at just the idea of this! When Jasmine Doublette came on for hair and makeup we officially knew it was going to be something special. And as it turns out it’s one of my favorite sessions of all time.

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Jasmine Maternity Session

Jasmine is an incredible makeup artist who dolls up brides all the time but recently she got to get dolled up herself for her maternity session in the Florida wilderness. I was so honored she chose me for the photography and although we quickly got rained out of our session during outfit two we were thankful for the perfect morning light that helped create these portraits! Congrats to you and healthy baby Amya! 

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Butcher’s Box – Food Photography

So recently I got to live out one of my favorite desires of all time doing food photography with The Butcher’s Box. We had already postponed our shoot once because the Florida weather wasn’t… grilling friendly (oh August). All their meats are fresh from the farm, never frozen though so we really wanted to get them in front of the camera ASAP. So we reconvened 2 days later for one of the best meals of our lives!!

I have to lead off with the fact that my cat loves them too. After she stopped cuddling the box (tee-hee) you’ll see the beautiful rack of lamb and poussin we cooked up and feasted on. They also have coming in some chicken sausage, truffle oil, specialty balsamic vinegar… and wait for it….. camel!! How cool is that? Make sure you give them a browse if you have carnivorous tendencies!

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Casey’s Maternity Session – Oxford Maryland

So a long time ago I met a girl who was in the same chemistry program as me at university. We became fast friends over cold stone, dirty jokes and late night physics exam studying. Fast forward 10 years and our womance is still strong as ever, even in long distance. I was her bridesmaid in Lake Tahoe and she was mine in Costa Rica. Now-a-days she’s living in Maryland with her awesome hubby and they are about to have a tiny version of my bestie. So when her baby shower rolled around she asked me to be her official bumptographer and I was soooo honored. I almost never photograph the stages in life that come after “I Do” (unless it barks) because I legitimately don’t know what to do with children… other than not drop the s word near them and even that I sometimes fail at. But I think Casey and her maternity session may be the first steps to changing that. Hanging with her bump and glow in Maryland was amazing and she even appealed to my fashion love with the GLORIOUS red outfit she got for the sunset photos. Check out her session below and keep an eye out for pictures of Gracie that’ll be coming soon 😉

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Best of 2014 Giveaway

2014 was an amazing year! 30 couples entrusted me with creating their forever wedding photos and I can’t even describe the love I felt, the dance moves I witnessed and the amazing drunk bridal parties that will go down in history! I had the daunting task of choosing my 100 favorite images from last year to go with this post and while it’s a little over I could have easily posted thousands more that are just as meaningful. Moving forward I wanted to do a very grateful giveaway to both future and past couples! Before the new year even arrived I had 22 weddings on the books for 2015 with almost 100% being from word of mouth mostly from the brides you’ll see below. I am so moved beyond words by this and know that this year as I roll out “Cat Lemus” (yay I got married) it will be the best year yet!!! So without further ado enjoy the best of 2014 and the giveaway at the bottom of the post!!!!

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