Yesterday was mother’s day and it was a special one for us. Our mother has been the center pillar of our family for as long as I can remember. Even our aunts regard her as the mother hen. Those who know her know she’s either smiling and telling dirty jokes or teaching you how to do your finances, possibly both at the same time. For me she’s always been a mentor and my best friend. We’ve never hated each other or gone through a rough patch where we didn’t talk, we’ve only been beyond blessed to have each other every day.

When my dad passed a few years ago there was a fog for a long time. But as that fog slowly lifted my mother, brother and I leaned on each other even more and our bond grew. It’s unfortunate that terrible things are sometimes what’s needed to really open up your eyes and push you to spend every day as if it’s the most important day. Now we push like that all the time, not only because of what we’ve been through but because of what we will still endure. Mom is in a fight against cancer. It is what it is but as the tears roll onto my keyboard I know at some point it’ll just be two of us and we’re not going to waste a second before or after that happens. We will bask in the sunshine that is our mother and make sure she knows just how loved she is! FamilyPhoto1 FamilyPhoto10 FamilyPhoto8

Our family has always been into reading and scrabble so we thought it fitting to take some photos doing what we do best…FamilyPhoto9 FamilyPhoto7 FamilyPhoto2 FamilyPhoto4 FamilyPhoto3 FamilyPhoto6 FamilyPhoto5


A HUGE thank you to my husband Mike Lemus for taking the photos of us and to Stacey Payne for doing my mother’s hair and makeup!

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