Sue Bryce Paris  | French Chateau workshop

This day last year I was in France at day two of a Sue Bryce workshop. If you don’t know who she is, she’s one of the photography gods known around the world for her women’s portraiture. She grew an empire based on providing women the strength and knowledge that they deserve to be professionally photographed more than just twice in a lifetime (wedding/baby). To know they’re just as beautiful at 55 as they are at 25 and that taking a day for yourself to create a piece of your history is beyond words worth it.

I had never done a workshop before but in my head it was a pilgrimage. A trip to the last place I’d visited with my mom. We had left France short during her cancer battle and I needed to finish that journey. I could think of no better way than to re-write the end of that story with a french chateau of artists letting their hearts lead them. It felt almost Renaissance-esk. From Sue’s warm inviting smile to the styling throughout the entire estate, no moment or teaching opportunity was overlooked. I definitely laughed, I definitely grew as an artist, I petted Sue’s dog more than what is probably appropriate and I may or may not have teared up like a baby on the last day. Here’s a quick peek at what the experience looked like: ParisParis Paris MacaronParis BoudoirParis Photo ShootParis Fashion ShootParis Fashion ShootParis Fashion Shoot Paris Fashion Shoot Sue Bryce Fashion WorkshopSue Bryce Fashion WorkshopSue Bryce Fashion WorkshopSue Bryce Fashion Workshop

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