Diana & Corey – Rollins Engagement

OMG Diana & Corey. These two are such genuine people and are just naturally adorable together. We laughed so much between funny dog moments and odd champagne spraying positions it was too much fun. And speaking of dogs I’m definitely a slight obsessed with their super cute corgi who got to be a part of their rollins engagement. Congrats you crazy kids and we’re so excited for you to become Mr. & Mrs in Colombia next year! 

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A Look Back at 2016

Well 2016 is over and looking back we had one heck of a year. It included 35 weddings photographed and 23 weddings filmed for our Lemus duo. We had a melting pot of clients including Korean, Indian and gay (this was our favorite thing that evolved this year). We traveled for work or play to Paris, Vegas, Colorado, Chicago, Mexico, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, St Thomas, Italy and Slovenia. Cat changed her hair color 10 times, Mike shaved his beard once and the dogs acquired 4 new seasonal costumes.

Here’s a look back at some of our fav imagery of 2016 and loving the excitement it creates for 2017!!

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Sarah & Brian – Baldwin Park Engagement

Once upon a time I met a girl named Sarah, she’s spunky and athletic and funny and became my best friend in a matter of minutes. 5 years later we dream of moving to Colorado together to be mountain neighbors and raising little best friend babies (or at least best friend dogs). Well she found the love of her life, an amazing guy named Brian that I highly approve of … just in case you were wondering B!!

They’re getting married this Saturday at Powel Crosley estate in Sarasota and I am so stinking excited!!! So now seemed like the best time to show off their Baldwin Park engagement session we did at sunrise a few months back. Check out all the love and happiness and goofiness and hotty hotty hotness! I cannot wait to stand by her side this weekend and cry my eyes out as she becomes a Feinberg. Congratulations Sarah & Brian!

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Alicia & Pat E-Session

I’m not sure where to even start when talking about Alicia & Patrick. The couple completely blew me away the second they showed up to the engagement shoot. They agreed to show up at sunrise, aka holy crap early. It was before 7am and Alicia got out of her car looking so stunning she could have walked a red carpet. We had been planning this shoot for months… the props, the clothes, the location. Alicia was so amazing that she handmade a skirt just for the occasion and their friend let us use their vintage truck (thank you!). I had found the perfect location, created some fantastic vintage props and pre-planned the lighting to fit the scene.

Once on set, it was extremely obvious that the couple has strong individual personalities and yet together they glow and practically float on happiness. I would direct them to kiss and it seemed they would melt into each other, unaware there was even a photographer nearby. I could tell being near them even for 5 minutes that their love will last for a lifetime if not somehow longer.

A few days later I began going through the film and I could barely contain my excitement for the moments we captured. I hope you enjoy viewing even a little of what we did that day:


Meghann & Derek’s E-Session

Meghann and Derek met 7 years ago under the wonderful glow of garnet and gold. I’m tempted to do the FSU war chant but I’ll refrain for the time being. Meghann being an avid runner got a wonderful proposal in early January when Derek surprisingly showed up and dropped down on one knee at the finish line of the Ragnar Relay race finish. In the midst of a Key West sunset celebration she said YES!

I’d met with the lovely lady of the house before when we did photos for her blog and I’d heard tons about Derek from her and her wildly popular blog Meals and Miles. It was great to finally meet him and see what a magnificent love the two of them have. They naturally turned up the romance the moment they stepped on set: