A Look Back at 2016

Well 2016 is over and looking back we had one heck of a year. It included 35 weddings photographed and 23 weddings filmed for our Lemus duo. We had a melting pot of clients including Korean, Indian and gay (this was our favorite thing that evolved this year). We traveled for work or play to Paris, Vegas, Colorado, Chicago, Mexico, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, St Thomas, Italy and Slovenia. Cat changed her hair color 10 times, Mike shaved his beard once and the dogs acquired 4 new seasonal costumes.

Here’s a look back at some of our fav imagery of 2016 and loving the excitement it creates for 2017!!

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Jen + Dan – Rosen Shingle Creek Wedding

Jen & Dan’s Rosen Shingle Creek wedding was stunning!! Firstly they are the type of couple that are the perfect mix of elegant and entertaining and they brought that to their big day. They planned great details on a palette of navy and champagne with both a main and grooms cake that I adore. And let me tell you, she was one of the only brides who on wedding day was so relaxed that if she had the option I think she would have had a margarita on the beach pre-ceremony. Of course, having no beach nearby their gorgeous venue she had a great time hanging with her bridesmaids and having a first look with her father before walking down the aisle. Their day was a perfect May day with a little cloud cover and some beautiful “I Dos.” Check it out below!

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Katie & Heber – Winter Park Racquet Club Wedding

 Katie & Heber. Good lord what can I say about these two without making this blog post 10 pages long. Katie is so bubbly and I love her facial expressions and enthusiasm. Heber is an absolute sweetheart with a little bit of hidden GQ model. Being at the Winter Park Racquet Club for their big day was such an honor and a truly good time. Bonus points that I got to work with a ton of my favorite vendors, we had a great time gabbing over the kick butt dinner they served us.
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Erika & Jason Married – Reunion Resort Wedding

Erika & Jason are one of those couples that don’t stop smiling and it becomes infectious, if you stand by them long enough you may even start to giggle out loud (I did, quite a few times). That happy go lucky style of life was hugely apparent on wedding day where they both laughed and cried and laughed some more. The couple’s family and friends were all so overjoyed to celebrate with them at their Reunion Resort wedding. And really how could they not have been once you see the gorgeous event they planned!

Venue: Reunion Resort
Event Planner: Blush by Brandee Gaar
Makeup Artist & Hair: Kristy Alonzo
Officiant: Sensational Ceremonies
Florist: Lee James Floral Designs
Cake Artist:  Party Flavors Custom Cakes
DJ: Soundwave Entertainment
Linen: Over the Top
Chandelier & Decor: Swag Decor
Horse & Carriage: Downtown Horse & Carriage
Event Rentals: Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals
Dance Floor: Letz Dance On It 

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Alicia & Patrick’s Perfect Knight

I can say with absolute certainty that Alicia and Patrick are a perfect match. I had the honor of shooting their engagement session more than a year ago and since then got to become friends with them and follow their adventure in crossfit, new college degrees, new jobs and all the way until the day they officially started their new lives together as one.

They got married at St. James Cathedral in downtown Orlando and had their reception at their alma mater in the UCF Alumni Center (Go Knights). Every detail they planned was more stunning than I think any of the guests could have imagined. My favorite part about their wedding however was the special moments and traditions they decided to incorporate that made the day feel so unique. The bride’s wonderful sister did her hair and makeup, the first dances were both shared with mothers, a garter and cake were adorned with star wars images (a groom favorite) , there was a Kappa Delta candle ceremony that made each girl laugh and cry and even grandma busted a move on the dance floor! This was indeed a perfect wedding with a more than perfect couple.