Stassi & Travis Wedding – Orange County Regional History Center Wedding

Stassi & Travis are two of the most beautiful people inside and out that I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know. There’s a happy girl added into their family that adores them both to the moon and back and also looked gorgeous in her own tulle dress on the day of. A glamorous mix of nautical navy and pink glitter was perfect for their Orange Country Regional History Center wedding. Don’t miss the shots of Stassi getting carried out of the ceremony room on the shoulders of her man or the end of the night glitter dusting by the couple.

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Alex & Nicole – Italy Destination Wedding

When Nicole & Alex asked us to join them on their destination wedding journey I don’t think we really knew what we were in for. From ancient Rome, historic Florence, and on to the scenic Cinque Terre region, we got the chance to follow a ridiculously unique, talented, and artistic couple on their adventure through Italy and into marriage. They asked us to document the travels through photographs but while on the trip we decided that the story needed motion too. Equipped with photography gear but not our regular set of video items we set out to make an epic film with just a pair of very steady hands. I think we accomplished that seeing as though Cat cries every time she watches it…

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Aleesa & CJ – Lake Mary Events Center Wedding

I’ve known the Heinz family since my teen years so when the only girl in a family of 4 boys got engaged I was so honored they called me! Little could I have imagined that it would turn out to be one of the most beautiful wedding days I’ve ever seen. From Aleesa’s lace dress to the white mailbox style card box, every detail was stunning and unique. And if the details weren’t enough the amount of emotion in every room was overwhelming. There were tears during the ceremony, there was laughing during the toasts and there was lots of lots of love from start to finish. These two are so blessed to have found each other and I can’t wait to see where life takes them!

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Kelly & Jonathan – St Andrews Chapel Wedding

Kelly and Jonathan are one of my favorite couples of all time. They are super fun and I had a feeling based on their beautiful proposal video and our engagement session together that documenting their amazing love story was important to them. So during planning when she said the best and most dangerous phrase ever… “photos are really important to us, how much time do we need?” I did a happy dance. For me, this is essentially letting the genie out of the lamp and it was a blast wandering the grounds of the gorgeous together at their gorgeous St Andrews chapel wedding. Their day had fun and romance and laughter and hugs and I was so so happy that they let me capture all of it!
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The Hunger For Romance

I’m an avid reader and the Hunger Games books are far up on my list of favorites. The imagery of the girl on fire and the intensity of each story is so captivating.  One day while a commercial for the second movie played in the background of an editing session it hit me. The Hunger Games has every piece of inspiration anyone could ever want to design an incredible wedding. And so it started. At first it was just a tag line: “Against all odds, love was ever in our favor.” Then Elle Cinder Designs jumped on board and we set out on a journey to plan a wedding photo shoot worthy of HG’s many followers.

Gold and red flow through the shoot like a river of lava. An incredible red Vera Wang wedding gown creates our stunning girl on fire. Feathers break from the tops of bouquets and arrow heads elegantly grace the stationary. A wedding cake fit for the capitol and strawberries a flame form incredible desert tables. Even the guest leave with lottery tickets as their wedding favors.































Don’t forget to check out the amazing video from Key Moment Films from the shoot!