We’re getting to travel again next week *yay summertime* and it seemed the perfect time to finally blog our honeymoon and tips for your own!

So let’s talk about choosing your destination…

No one ever seems to thinks about honeymoon weather when choosing a wedding date (myself included) but it definitely plays a factor. Pick a spring wedding date and you can take off to a lot of Northern hemisphere locales and expect great weather and spring foliage. Places like Europe, California, Japan & Alaska. Pick a fall wedding date and you can take off to some of the Southern hemisphere gems like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Fiji and Argentina. Some places are in perpetual summer so you could go year round but need to watch out for their rainy season and July which brings extreme heat. Places like Florida, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Morocco, Thailand and Indonesia.

The length of time you’re able to take off for honeymoon plays a factor in choosing your destination too. Have a week, an all inclusive island resort, a big city like Paris or a region like northern California is amazing. Two weeks… hit a few cities in Europe, a Mediterranean cruise, go on safari in Africa or hike central America. Longer than that and you can wander just about anywhere.

We had three weeks in fall. My initial desire was New Zealand/Fiji because well it’s awesome. But the looooong flight and cost to the other side of the world was a big factor. We wanted to do that trip all in when we weren’t also trying to pay for a destination wedding. Like I said we hadn’t planned our date around our ‘moon so we ended up choosing Europe against my own seasonal advice. Although 50 degree weather isn’t ideal it was a nice to have a chance at wearing layers and not worry about humidity bitch slapping us in the face every day.

So we ended up wandering the cities of Barcelona & Lisbon and then took a cruise to some of the canary islands and Morocco. Both the cities we stayed in we fell in love with. The food, the music, the culture was just magical. The cruise unfortunately was so chilly we never really got to go on deck and it was mostly filled with geriatrics, bummer. However it gave us a lot of no cell service alone time and we took dance lessons on the boat which was a highlight for me. We did make friends with one really awesome girl who we were so impressed travels everywhere whether she has a travel buddy or not. And traveling by boat was such a fabulous way to see lots of places in our time.

Here’s some images from our adventure! Be sure to stay in touch on instagram for our travels next week to Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Wales & England!


Barcelona, SpainWeddingphotographerspain_0052 image-2

Getting to see a Barca game in Camp Nou was epic!  image

So much delicious octopus!

Valencia, SpainWeddingphotographerspain_0019 Weddingphotographerspain_0001 Weddingphotographerspain_0003 Weddingphotographerspain_0002 Weddingphotographerspain_0004 Weddingphotographerspain_0076Weddingphotographerspain_0005

Tangier, Morocco

Morocco was one of my favorite spots and I’m pretty sure one of my husband’s least favorites haha. The colors, the food market and the bustle of this type of city is nothing I’d ever experienced before. A local led us through the most convoluted row of streets that I’m pretty would make any GPS self destruct and was a little terrifying that at any point we might be getting led to get mugged. We even got so scared at one point that we tried to shake him by hiding, which astoundingly didn’t work, he was relentless. But as it turned out he ended up taking us to an awesome little lunch spot that overlooked the city and had amazing food and live moroccan music.

Weddingphotographerspain_0006 Weddingphotographerspain_0032 Weddingphotographerspain_0018 Weddingphotographerspain_0011 Weddingphotographerspain_0008 Weddingphotographerspain_0013 Weddingphotographerspain_0030 Weddingphotographerspain_0031 Weddingphotographerspain_0012 Weddingphotographerspain_0014 Weddingphotographerspain_0016 Weddingphotographerspain_0033 Weddingphotographerspain_0034 Weddingphotographerspain_0036 Weddingphotographerspain_0037 Weddingphotographerspain_0042 Weddingphotographerspain_0040 Weddingphotographerspain_0039 Weddingphotographerspain_0041 Weddingphotographerspain_0044 Malaga, SpainWeddingphotographerspain_0043 Weddingphotographerspain_0079Weddingphotographerspain_0083Arrecife, Canary Islands

This was a crowd favorite for both of us and it was by total accident on why. When the boat dropped us here it seemed like just a sleepy seaside town with nothing going on so we hailed a cab to take us somewhere else. That was the best decision we ever made. The cabbie ended up being a local who was in love with his island and for about 60 euros he offered us a half day long private tour. We saw colorful seaside towns, walked through a cave filled with tiny white crabs, learned about the architect that practically founded the island and climbed down to a view that blew our minds.

Weddingphotographerspain_0071Weddingphotographerspain_0070Weddingphotographerspain_0072Weddingphotographerspain_0068Weddingphotographerspain_0074Weddingphotographerspain_0075Weddingphotographerspain_0069Weddingphotographerspain_0082Weddingphotographerspain_0063Weddingphotographerspain_0062Weddingphotographerspain_0064Tenerife, Canary IslandsWeddingphotographerspain_0045Weddingphotographerspain_0049Weddingphotographerspain_0046Weddingphotographerspain_0048Weddingphotographerspain_0047Lisbon, PortugalWeddingphotographerspain_0056Weddingphotographerspain_0054Weddingphotographerspain_0055Weddingphotographerspain_0026Weddingphotographerspain_0027Weddingphotographerspain_0025Weddingphotographerspain_0028Weddingphotographerspain_0066

Our first mountain bike adventure!Weddingphotographerspain_0067Weddingphotographerspain_0060Weddingphotographerspain_0058Weddingphotographerspain_0061Weddingphotographerspain_0081Weddingphotographerspain_0057Weddingphotographerspain_0059Weddingphotographerspain_0024Weddingphotographerspain_0023Weddingphotographerspain_0078Weddingphotographerspain_0021

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